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Crossfit Pink

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Date: October 1, 2016

Time: 9:00am

Location: Daffin Park

Strength, Power, Energy, Agility… these words are often reminiscent of an athlete. How about Integrity and Trust? At Hyperformance Athletics, the community of athletes and coaches demonstrate integrity and trust during training, competition and everyday life. These are aspects of a lifestyle in forward momentum.  These are also fundamentals that cancer patients can identify with. The battle may take a toll on you physically but fighting it will make you mentally stronger for life. 

October 1st will mark a community wide CrossFit event for the Low Country. #TurnItPink in partnership with Hyperformance Athletics will host #STRONGERTOGETHER, an event to bring the community together, to sweat together and to raise awareness for breast cancer and build everlasting bonds.  

Everyone battling cancer needs a support structure. Many times these battles are fought silently or behind closed doors. It’s hard on our bodies, on our minds and especially our friends and family. With #STRONGERTOGETHER we are here to show you, this does not have to be a solo fight.  Even when you feel weak, you can keep moving forward with the support around you. Awareness is half of the battle: we encourage you to bring a friend, family-member or survivor. 

PINK is the ONLY color for the month of October. Join us in PINK for #STRONGERTOGETHER and show your support!  If you don't have anything PINK to wear, you're in luck because we will also have PINK gear for participants. 


Saturday, October 1st, bring yourself, bring your support, bring a survivor, - even if it’s your grandmother!  The workout will be partner based with teams of four to five people. You will learn how to safely execute functional movements including squats and how to pick an object up off the floor. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work together through the workout and finish feeling accomplished - #STRONGERTOGETHER is our motto!

This event will be held in Daffin Park at 9am. We will provide plenty of fluids, PINK swag and challenge everyone to make PINK the new Black. 

For every #TurnItPink posted on social media, $1 will be donated by a generous sponsor. So, dress the little one in PINK, wear your favorite PINK socks, share a story from your family, be a supporter, tag a photo with a friend and with each post we are $1 closer to finding a cure, bringing about awareness and educating someone on options for breast cancer resconstruction surgery. 100% of funds raised at StongerTogether will go to “BRA” (Breast Cancer Reconstruction Awareness). 

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