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As a local non-profit, #TurnItPink will use funds raised to empower women with the knoweldge and ability to make the best decision for themselves by hosting local events and supporting local and national educational initiatives through BRA - Breast Reconstruction Awareness through the Plastic Surgery Foundation. Additionally, #TurnItPink plans to help provide reconstructive services to qualified patients without financial resources.

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Please Make All Donations In Person

Please excuse our process. At this time we can not connect to our merchant account to accept online donations. If you wish to make a donation please visit the address below. 


The Georgia Institute For Plastic Surgery

5361 Reynolds Street

Savannah, GA 31405

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Donate By Check

Please write check out to:

#TurnItPink is presented by the Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery, Southeast Georgia’s premier plastic surgery practice. As such, Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery has had the privilege of providing care and treatment for breast cancer patients, while performing thousands of breast reconstructive procedures. 
These breast reconstructive procedures allow women to take control of choices with their bodies, following a diagnosis of breast cancer. The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery was the sole private practice among 13 surgery centers (including M.D. Anderson and Sloan Kettering) involved in a recent $6.4 million dollar study by the National Institute of Health on post-mastectomy reconstruction.
Georgia Instritute For Plastic Surgery started #TurnItPink as a way to give back to our community through fundraising and educational initiatives designed to empower women who are facing breast cancer, with the knowledge to make the best educated choices for their breast reconstructive surgery. For more information about #TurnItPink, please visit



and mail to:

The Georgia Institute For Plastic Surgery

5361 Reynolds Street

Savannah, GA 31405

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