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“3D” Nipple & Areola Tattooing is a method that is used to create an image of a nipple on the skin with dimensional shading within the pigment of the tattoo ink. This technique adds visual realism to the coloration used to restore the nipple pigment.

When Nipple Sparing Mastectomy isn’t an option or breast reconstruction takes place at a time after mastectomy (“delayed reconstruction”), the newly reconstructed breast can be completed with the recreation of the nipple as the finishing touch. This new and innovative way is used after a mastectomy to restore feminine form.

The newly applied nipple image isn’t actually palpable and is flat to the touch. For the restoration of the nipple with both a physical and visual element of realism

Many of our patients have benefited from Honor and Grace Tattoo to provide the benefit of nipple & areola pigment application.

Click here to see Honor & Grace Tattoo before and after photos! 

Kelly Borders

Born in Columbus, Georgia, Kelly Borders has been tattooing since late 2005. After completing a traditional tattoo apprenticeship in West Georgia, she spent a short time in New Orleans, which led to spending a year in Charleston, South Carolina. Wanting to do more custom, large scale work, she made her way to The Hostess City, and then in 2019, Honor & Grace was born! The mission at Honor & Grace is to provide the most exceptional tattoo experience in the low country and to tailor that experience to the individual needs of our clients. Kelly recognized the need for a place where people could find healing in all aspects of their lives with a focus on helping women end their cancer journey on a happy note. A place where all are welcomed into a warm, inviting, safe space where I can showcase my skill at tattooing. An environment where you feel honored and shown grace from when you walk in the door to when your experience is over.

Honor and Grace Tattoo has big plans for the future! Their goal is to begin taking steps to form a non-profit with a focus on the incredible population of women in order to provide education, support, and resources for moving forward & feeling empowered.

You can reach Honor and Grace Tattoo at:

Honor and Grace Tattoo


7506 White Bluff Rd

Savannah, GA 31406

Mon-Sat 11-7pm



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