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Coaches and Notable Players

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Date: October 26th, 2017

Location: Greyson Stadium

Gates Open: 6:00pm-Dark

Gametime: 7:00pm

A good coach is key to any team sport. Coaches are the ones responsible for transforming individual players into a team unit, keeping them together, instilling drive and consistency and most of all creating a cohesive bond. When planning a team event, like a kickball tournament, the first resource to identify is the coach. This event is three innings. Not 4 quarters. Not 90 min. There is no time allotted to leave anything on the field or execute in the final minutes. You need someone that understands and has been to the big game. When called to the plate, you want to know they will step it up. It’s not always about the strongest leg, the fastest on the field, the most awards… or is it?

We’ve reached out to two well-known Georgia athletes. that could put the strongest local kickball team on the field for charity. For balance and fairness, we are in search of two individuals that are Kickball amateurs because THIS is an amateur event.

I dare you to ask Herschel Walker to wear PINK or ask Kelley O’Hara to sit on the sidelines for a game that includes kicking a ball out of the park. We did, we asked… several times.

Now we wait…



Bobby Zarem, the self-proclaimed mastermind behind the “I Love New York” tourism campaign, has left the city that he “literally saved” [his words] almost four decades ago. Over the weekend, Zarem, 73 (now  — the manic celebrity publicist who once crammed 500 boldface names into the West 57th Street subway station for the premier party of the film Tommy; the screaming, slovenly spinmeister who shilled for Stallone, Cher, Dustin Hoffman, Sophia Loren, and tons more; the inveterate potty-mouthed promoter who hyped such movies as Saturday Night Fever, Dances With Wolves, Scarface, Rambo, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, etc, etc. — moved back to his childhood home in Savannah, Georgia.



Here comes Catfish, bigger than life, shirttail loose, his size 14-shoes struggling to contain his feet, which are in step with keeping on the go. Just seeing him begs the question, how can you succeed without a firm foundation? He casts a large shadow--he's a big man, you know--and has a good heart and a smile as wide as the nearby Moon River.

That said, don't ever pick a fight with this former Bulldog defensive tackle (letterman in 1980-82). He ain't an old man yet. He doesn't maintain his playing weight, but, although he never looks for trouble, you just don't mess with Catfish. He has a few battle scars.

Bench Press : 440lbs (2017)

Size: 14 Shoe

Height: 6′ 2″ (even)

UGA National Champions (1990)

University of Georgia  (1980 - 1982)


Major League Baseball Association 

With the fastest arm on the field Jason Shiell will take a field he knows very well again except this time he will be playing a foot sport.  In 2002, the Savannah native traded in his green and whites to play for the San Diego Padres. Since 2002 Jason has played major league baseball on both the East and West Coast.  

Born October 19, 1976 in SavannahGeorgia

Windsor Forest High School, Savannah GA

Height: 6′ 1″

San Diego Padres (2002)

Boston Red Sox (2003)

Atlanta Braves (2006)

Kennedy Brice is an American actress best known for her roles as "Finley Chota " on FOX's "Red Band Society" and "Molly" on AMC's "The Walking Dead". She received rave reviews for her performance as the titular character in the horror film "June" and was voted "Best Horror Child Actress of 2015" by Moviepilot fans. 

Born March 5, 2004, Waycross, GA

Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors (2016)

June (2015)

Red Band Society (2014)

The Walking Dead (2013)




Savannah Charm / Producer 


Savannah Charm / Fashion Designer

Ashley Borders was born and raised in the Deep South, attended Savannah Country Day School and graduated with an academic scholarship from Wofford College, but she has lived and worked all over the United States as well as Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. After years of living abroad, Ashley realized she wanted to move back home to Georgia and raise her son, Izzy, in a manner similar to her own childhood.  Ashley is an actress, stylist, and creative director and has owned three different clothing lines.

NELSON LEWIS is a seasoned Georgia-based television producer, and one of America’s most provocative media personalities.  The Savannah natives’ interests include aviation, international travel, snow skiing, deep sea fishing, foreign languages, politics, piano, Steve Winwood and, most importantly, all things journalism!  Frequent travel and exposure to a vast arrays of cultures and languages have provided influences for the media maven and self-admitted political wonk’s staunch interest in foreign and domestic policy, in turn fueling a passion for both politics and journalism.

In the tradition of a classic baseball game we not leaving anything out. We have invited a celebrity (in our minds) to sing the National Anthem, a special guest to rollout the first pitch, an honorable leader to spearhead the “2nd Inning Stretch”, a LIVE jumbotron on the field commentary, legally blind but qualified umpires and of course Split. Each team will have three catches, one for each inning. 


Bring the family, bring a blanket, bring your support and bring your PINK. The intent is to fill the field (infield and outfield) with support, all things PINK and awareness for Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Reconstruction. Gates open at 6:00, game starts at 7:00, movie lights up at 8:00. 

Wear your PINK, bring your PINK and most importantly your support. We want to thank the Savannah Bananas for giving us this opportunity to fill the field with support. 

Date: October 26th, 2017

Location: Greyson Stadium

Gates Open: 6:00pm-Dark

Gametime: 7:00pm

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