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Savannah is known for our traditional and sometimes, not so traditional gastronomic offerings but it goes without saying that the downtown area is painted with restaurants that cater to locals and tourists alike. When planning the month of October, the #TurnItPink committee came together to identify the themes in the community that bring us together. It's these unifying themes that the committee used to bring the #TurnItPink month of October into play. One major tradition is "breaking bread"...coming together over a meal. Food can certainly bring people together; however, for the Savannah restaurant community, it's more than food. It's creating the special environment in which people come together to “break bread." One restaurant that creates this environment, and does it exceptionally well, is The Collins Quarter. Anyone who has been to The Collins Quarter knows that statement to be true and also has likely met the owner, Anthony Debreceny. Anthony is someone who has never met a stranger and truly cares about our community. Anthony is known for paying attention to details and he remembers your story. The fresh and conscientious menu is served in an environment that is both hip and beautiful. The Collins Quarter is one of Savannah's most popular restaurants because of the little, and not so little, details.

Come out and support #TurnItPink at The Collins Quarter!

Date: October 14-16th, 2016

Location: The Collins Quarter

Time: 6am to 10pm

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Sweet Pink



Contact: (912) 777-4147 

Location: 151 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401




Why is dessert eaten last instead of first? That is an easy question to’s because you always want to “save the best for last.” When thinking of all things sweet in Savannah, there are many options. However, when thinking of the "best of the best" in this category in Savannah, only one person comes to mind: Libbie Summers! Libbie is a creative force, a local legend, a mentor and rock star in creating culinary masterpieces for television and magazines. She is a brilliant food stylist for some major brands and has authored cookbooks, and collaborated with other foodies, on their cookbooks as well. Libbie launched one of our favorites, Sweet and Vicious, in 2014. Sweet and Vicious is a decorated masterpiece of imagery filled with brilliant combinations of unexpected ingredients and layers of sweetness. So, it's no surprise that #TurnItPink went to Libbie for inspiration and we are thrilled to have her on board to contribute her talent to tie the culinary aspect in to our #TurnItPink month. We look forward to experiencing Libbie's treats at The Collins Quarter, between October 14th and the 16th and know that you will too!


Visit The Collins Quarter between the 14th - 16th of October to see what inspiration Libbie Summers brings to life. All proceeds from the sale of the desserts will go to fighting Breast Cancer and to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. #TurnItPink will use funds raised to empower women with the knowledge and ability to make the best decision for themselves by supporting local and national educational initiatives through BRA - Breast Reconstruction Awareness through The Plastic Surgery Foundation. Additionally, #TurnItPink will help provide reconstructive services to qualified patients who are without financial resources.

For every #TurnItPink hashtag posted on social media, a generous donor has offered to donate $, please tag your sweet treats, share a story, be a supporter, post & tag a photo with a friend! Each shared tag gets us $1 closer to helping women who are dealing with breast cancer and to helping to find a cure. 

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