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Jazz'd Tapas Bar

Contact: (912) 236-7777 Location: 52 Barnard St, Savannah, GA 31401 




When asked, Brian and Julie Curry recall how it all began and looked at each other and just smiled. Back in October 1996, after months of renovation, Brian opened Orleans Brick Oven. Located on Mall Boulevard, across from the Oglethorpe Mall, Orleans was the go-to place for Cajun creole pastas and wood fire gourmet pizzas. The restaurant was a 6-year success that was ultimately sold in 2002. It was a concept that they feel would definitely be worth revisiting but it was now time to look ahead.


​With blueprint in mind for their next project, a theme based on “The Small Plate Revolution”, the search was on for that perfect location. Their idea was to put a slight twist on the traditional tapas - Americanize it, provide the freedom to design the entire concept from facility to menu, away from Spanish and Mediterranean influences. A space capturing that intangible energy of downtown Savannah, where locals and tourist a-like could discover delicious food, craft cocktails, martinis and live entertainment, with an upscale more metro feel. They were Jazz’d when they found the abandoned basement in the old Kress Department Store. The location was great but would require massive renovation. Working with the space, they transformed the rundown basement; with its exposed utilities, concrete walls, floors and ceilings, into the sleek, industrial chic lounge it is today. 5500 square feet of lounge, bar, and intimate dining that meld perfectly together. Whether you are there for a quick drink at the bar, a special date night, or a bachelorette party, it’s a cool and contemporary getaway.

​Many think the name Jazz’d evokes a genre of music, and indeed there is this speakeasy vibe that permeates; but the name Jazz’d not about the music. It’s more about a state of mind, stepping down the stairway and through the doorway finding something truly unique to Savannah. One gets “All Jazz’d Up.” Six nights a week they have live music and every night is a different experience. Jazz’d is the upscale place to let your hair down.

There are no words to adequately describe the full experience. Jazz’d is a Savannah treasure, a refreshing and exceptional dining adventure that must be experienced. As they approach their 13th year in business, only one theme is certain for the patrons, “I Got Jazz’d” Get it?

Dear Brian and Julie,
I want to Thank Brian and Julie Curry personally for opening up their business on their 13th anniversary and allowing us to celebrate with them for such an amazing cause. In any charity event you have to be cautious where you spend time, money and resources because it limits your ability to create an epic event and still give 100% of the precedes to the organization. Sharing your space, your amazing anniversary and your successes it truly remarkable and almost priceless.
                                                                                       We sincerely thank you.                                                                                                                                                                 Dr. Richard Greco and The entire TurnItPink Family

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