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Full Line Up & Draft

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RULES TO THE DRAFT:  Individuals can buy out any position at any time and can place a player in that position.  Businesses can sponsor positions and teams. Teams can play someone from their office, play a survivor, call up a someone from the minors or donate the spot to a charity. Each donation will be recognized for its contributor, the athlete playing the position and each player will be asked to sponsor a survivor. The survivor could be a family member, a friend, mentor or anyone they want to pay tribute.  Event will be LIVE, each player will be announced for their position, their sponsor and their survivor.  

Home team owners go to the team with largest Salary Cap. Excessive contributions are encouraged.


Help turn Savannah PINK and volunteer.  We are calling all face painters, cupcake makers, DJ’s, dancers, artists, bouncy house owners and good spirited community members come and volunteer!  We need qualified umpires with experience, a Breast Cancer Survivor to sing the National Anthem, a Color Guard or Honor Guard to display the colors, someone to lead the 2nd inning stretch, a pitcher to throw the first pitch and something PINK to drink or eat. We are excited to the have the Savannah Banana’s host the event and a guest appearance by Spilt the Mascot.  With your help we will turn Savannah PINK

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