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Pink Moms Strong

Date: Monday October 21, 2019

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: Historic Forsyth Park

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#TurnItPink has allowed us to explore several aspects within our community, including highlighting community features, noticing emerging trends, understanding traditional civic events and sharing stories from those among us.  

Many believe that a child is a most precious gift. The process of bringing a life into this world can be physically and mentally challenging but the blessings are too numerous to mention.

Stroller Strong Moms is a powerful group of woman, who meet weekly to run and work out with their newborns in order to stay physically fit. But, beyond their personal fitness goals, the women of Stroller Strong Moms have shared their stories with each other and through support and encouragement, they have formed a bond, which will last a lifetime. This bond is formed because there is a common understanding among these mothers and it is something that is impossible to replicate.

The battle with cancer is also unique in its simplest form. Connections and relationships which are cultivated and shared between fellow survivors are special and cannot be duplicated. These types of unifying connections, founded on common ground, are oftentimes everlasting and so very special. 

#TurnItPink appreciates being invited into the Stroller Strong Moms family to share a PINK event.  #STRONGERTOGETHER.


Apryl Lee

Julie Brown

Lindsey Von Broembsen

Caroline Hidalgo

Tessa Jones

On October 21st, come by yourself, or bring your bundle of joy, bring a friend, bring a survivor and together we will show you that you are not alone. All workouts will be partner-based and team focused. #STRONGERTOGETHER is our theme and no one will fail.

We will provide plenty of fluids, PINK swag, ears to listen and shoulders to lean on and even if you are not able to work out yet, we can take turns holding cute babies. 


Dress the little one in PINK, wear your favorite PINK socks, share a story from your family, be a supporter, tag a photo with a friend and with each post we are closer to finding a cure, bringing about awareness and educating someone on options for breast cancer reconstruction surgery. A portion of raised at StongerTogether Stroller Moms of Savannah, will go to “BRA” (Breast Cancer Reconstruction Awareness). 


Cassie Cercy is an ACE certified group fitness instructor. She has been living in Savannah since 2012 with her husband, Bryan, and sons, Jaxon and Tyson. Cassie’s favorite way to sweat like a mother is through sprinting, HIIT and Tabata workouts, and while chasing around all of the littles at the playground after a Stroller Strong Moms workout!



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