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Stroller Strong Moms





Alexa Smith created Stroller Strong Moms (SSM) in Columbus, GA in 2011. She had just moved to Columbus for the third time for her husband’s military career, but this time with children in tow. She wanted to stay active and use her skills as a fitness coach, and she knew she could do this with her children. Using her experience as a soccer coach and strength and conditioning coach, Alexa devised plans for a stroller fitness class tailored specifically for moms. When SSM opened in September of 2011, news spread quickly and the program was immediately popular. Moms experienced how motivating it was to workout with other moms who were striving to reach their fitness goals, and they loved being outside with their kids, showing the next generation how important—and FUN—it is to be strong and healthy. Stroller Strong Moms brings women together, not only as moms, but as athletes. It stirs greatness in a mom, woman, a person that she likely didn’t know was there.

In 2012, Alexa moved to Savannah, GA, leaving behind several instructors led by Rebecca Paull to continue Stroller Strong Moms in Columbus while she started a new class in Savannah. She has now moved to Monterey, California, leaving Savannah in the hands of new owner, Cassie Cercy! Last year, Stroller Strong Moms celebrated its fourth anniversary in Columbus, third anniversary in Savannah, first anniversary in DC Area/Northern-VA, and welcomed SSM Monterey. This year SSM welcomes SSM Columbus new owner, Rebecca Paull and new affiliates: SSM Atlanta, SSM Los Angeles and SSM Fairbanks!! SSM looks forward to continuing to grow and welcome new communities of moms who build each other up while they Sweat Like a Mother!

Stroller Strong Moms


Thank you to Apryl and all her co – instructors at Stoller Moms.  We all love the energy you have and for helping to increase awareness in a younger population.  Breast cancer and Genetic predisposition is dealt with at a younger and younger age.  It is important that all women understand their options.  You are helping to educate young women of their options.

                                                                                       We sincerely thank you.                                                                                                                                                                 Dr. Richard Greco and The entire TurnItPink Family

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