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Release Marine

Contact: (800)603.4448 Location: 52 2100 Roger Lacey Avenue Savannah, GA 31404 




My name is Sam Peters and I’m the founder and president of Release Marine. I’d like to tell you about ourselves—where we came from and also where we’re going—because I think it will give you a better insight into both who we are and how we do business.Release Marine was founded on the concepts of quality, innovation, passion, integrity and a commitment to the finest in customer satisfaction over three decades ago. And those commitments run just as deep today.


My family’s primary business was Custom Millwork and Doors in Savannah, Georgia, where my father John A. Peters Jr. specialized in historically accurate reproductions in the revitalization of downtown Savannah in the 1970s. And we also shared a passion for offshore fishing. Unfortunately, the fighting chairs of the time just weren’t up to my father’s standards so we took it upon ourselves to build our own, bringing with us a sense of quality and durability in our chairs. Soon, Release Marine was off and running—we were now building fighting chairs and other accessories for the marine industry. 

Because of our forward-thinking commitment to research and development, Release Marine remains on the cutting edge of design. If it’s cool and functional, we probably came up with it first. From concepts like our No-Bolt Chair Pedestal and No-Bolt Rod Holders that attach from below to eliminate the bolt heads to our Trillion Series of contoured fighting chairs and revolutionary new Battle Saddle, Release has always been on the forefront of the industry. And we’re not slowing down any time soon. 

Our business continues to evolve just as fast as emerging technology will allow. We currently have 2D modeling capability, where we can show potential clients exactly what a Release chair or table will look like in the cockpit of their boat, and it seems that 3D modeling is right around the corner. We refuse to sit on our laurels as others pass us by—our corporate motto is “Always Lead, Never Follow.” Release Marine will remain on the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

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