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Southern Patios

Contact: 855.836.5574 Location:  330 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA  30313 




Since 1977, gardeners have turned to Southern Patio® planters for innovative, beautiful planters. Over the past four decades, they helped lead the industry through evolution from simple, affordable poly pots to today’s innovative materials and designs. Southern Patio planters feature cutting edge, lightweight materials that mimic expensive natural finishes while being easier on the planet.  They feature enhancements to promote plant health and make maintenance easier.  That’s why gardeners continue to trust Southern Patio® planters.


Southern Patio® is a leading supplier of innovative planters on the cutting edge of home and garden décor trends. Thier planters and accessories are sold in major retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

Dear Nikki and Southern Patio Family


Thank you so much for your kindness towards our TurnItPink event.  We genuinely appreciate your generous  donation of  75 hanging baskets (and covering the shipping cost so they would be here in time for the planting event!).  We are empowering women with information enabling them to make educated decisions about their health - and we are honored to have you join us in this important mission.

                                                                                       This will be epic and unforgettable; and we sincerely thank you.                                                                                          Dr. Richard Greco and The entire TurnItPink Family

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